Happy Wife, Happy Life!

A Question to Men : Do you want to be Happy or do you want to be Right?Happy Wife

Jeff Allen is one of my favorite comedians for one reason: He’s AUTHENTIC. Jeff nails it for Men and Women when it comes to the mystery of “Communication” in marriage. He said his father asked him before he got married, “Son, I only have one piece of marital advice for you. Before you argue with your wife, and believe me you will argue, you need to ask yourself TWO Questions: Do you want to be right or do you want to be Happy?” To see more of his conversation with his dad click here to view this great video clip or watch this short clip below:

In the same way that Jeff speaks about this humorous communication process, we need to understand the same is true when we are “Communicating about Money” with our spouse. Women could CARE LESS about how much men “Hunt” to bring home provisions for the family. They are more concerned about you as the husband, “CONTROLLING The MONEY and TELLING IT WHAT TO DO”. Don’t let the lack of planning cause the money to control you. Bottom Line: Women care more about SECURITY !!! All they need to know men is that do we have money to take care of Emergencies, stay current with our Basic Necessities, and have a PLAN for the future so we can retire with dignity.

Remember that old saying, “If Mama Ain’t Happy, ain’t NOBODY Happy.” Do you know how the rest of that saying goes? According to my mother, the rest of that saying goes like this, “And if Daddy Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody that Cares!” Sorry men, the women wrote those rules. (Smile for Mama)

So in the world of Personal Finance, men have to get these FOUR things right to make “Mama Happy”. FIRST, Build the Emergency Fund FOREVER (Never stop contributing). This means that the money will be there when it rains (And I promise it will ALWAYS Rain). Second, have a BUDGET (Have all Basic Necessities Accounted for Every Month…Tell the money where to go) and learn to pay CASH for certain items like Groceries. THIRD, DON’T BORROW MONEY!!! Stop being a slave to Credit Cards. They are plastic explosives for your future! And FOURTH, CREATE A LEGACY by SAVING for RETIREMENT so you can retire with Dignity. These nuggets of wisdom are very simple, but will NEVER happen if you don’t make it a PRIORITY. Men have got to understand that God wired women for “Security” and implementing the above four actions will create ROMANCE in your marriage. That’s right, there is “ROMANCE IN FINANCE” !!!  To quote Jeff Allen: “HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE!”

Take action TODAY to get on the path God intended for you and I in living a Debt Free Lifestyle. Change your behavior and you can change the world! Don’t believe me? I DARE you to try it!

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