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Q: What is Financial Coaching?

A: The process of challenging your financial mindset, educating you with sound financial principles, suggesting solutions with a plan, and building confidence to achieve your desired results.

Q: What’s Covered at the Consultation?

A: During the consultation you will have the entire program explained in detail. We will address financial questions based on the Priority Analysis you will send us before the Consultation. A Client Application Fee of $175 will be paid at the Consultation. We do not accept all clients, so after the consultation you will be informed if you are accepted into our program and then you can make a decision about whether you are ready to get started.

Q: What is your affiliation with Dave Ramsey?

A: Financial Coaching for Life holds the honorary distinction of being Dave Ramsey’s longest-serving endorsed financial coaching firm in the nation.  Robbie Courtney, Founder and Lead Financial Coach has been serving Clients since 2001!

Q: Are you a debt settlement or a credit counseling agency?

A: NEITHER…we provide the education needed to effectively manage your finances and hold you accountable to take action. We teach you how to alleviate your debt with every available option. The dirty secret about debt settlement agencies is they don’t do anything for you that you can’t do yourself, and they charge you enormous fees for it. Credit counseling on the other hand is generally funded by Credit Card Companies. Yes…that said credit card companies…they want these entities to help you figure out how to pay minimum payments for the rest of your life and could care less about the rest of your financial success.

Q: What’s the difference between a Financial Coach and a Financial Planner or Investment Advisor?

A: Coaching deals more on the level of emotions, values, and goals. Financial Planners and Investment Advisors are more technically oriented and their advice tends to be biased towards products they represent. Coaching is different by dealing with the behavioral aspect to create real change that achieves goals surrounding ones financial life as a whole (and we don’t sell products). Most people have a wide range of content in their minds, but organizing and implementing it is a very demanding discipline that most people will never be able to put into action or bring a focus to on their own.   Here is a testimonial that represents the power of our coaching:
“Well you just covered your fee about 30 times over if not more with your advice and input. A creditor would have wiped out my bank account if you hadn’t of warned me of the potential pitfall.”  – Tom Davies / Fort Worth, TX

Q: How can I justify paying for Financial Coaching when I feel like I can’t even afford my bills?

A: In over 10 years we have never had a client contact us that was unable to afford our services. With a plan in place clients quickly discover their cash flow no longer imposes so much stress, allows for a better lifestyle, and a better marriage. Many clients comment that they are surprised how reasonably priced our services are for the impactful benefits on their life. If you want to change your life you must start traveling a new path.   This couple wondered how they could afford our services but look what they discovered:  “This program WORKS!!! It saved our financial future and has given me peace in my heart and soul. It gave us self-control and we actually have $5,000 in our savings for the first time in our 14 years of marriage!”  – Wade and Leah / Fort Worth, TX

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

A: In addition to the $175 Client Application Fee, we explain the specifics of the program during the Consultation. There are no surprises or gimmicks. We provide our Terms of Service via email when your consultation is booked. The fact is we have led thousands of clients to a Debt Free lifestyle since 2001. What is it worth to you to be Debt Free?

Q: I’m struggling with debt and planning to file bankruptcy. Won’t I save money in the long run this way?

A: Bankruptcy is never a good plan. We will help you avoid it if at all possible. Most families have better options. Bankruptcy is only a quick fix to treat the symptom of debt and the real problem is usually overspending and living without a plan. Let us help you develop personal financial habits that will change your life!

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