Testimonials – Financial Coaching for Life


I sincerely appreciate all you have taught me.  My future is much brighter from the Coaching I received from Financial Coaching For Life.  Thank You so much!!!  Be Blessed!

– Rosalind Dunn / Fort Worth, TX

I just wanted to write you and tell you about my latest appearance in court. I actually got to stand before a judge and tell him what I was trying to do with my finances. I told him how determined I was to not file bankruptcy and to work out my debts with the creditors, albeit not on their time schedule. After making my remarks, the judge said to me, “Sir, you are to be commended for what you are doing.” It blew me away. It didn’t stop the judgment from being handed down, but he honored me with words that left me at peace with my efforts. Efforts which I could not have been successful in pursuing without your guidance and support.Thanks again, Robbie, for how you have helped me.

– Paul / Fort Worth, TX

Thank you so much for all your help.  You provide an INCREDIBLE Service.  Brent and I really appreciate you!

– Krissy Hull / Fort Worth, TX

It is becoming more and more encouraging to me that we will be able to get the debt monster gone someday soon and be able to change the rest of our lives with regards to money.  I am excited to be able to teach my kids about money so they will never go where we have gone.  I THANK GOD for giving Financial Coaching For Life the ministry that He has.  I pray that God will Bless you and your company.

– James Connet / Mansfield, TX


Well you just covered your fee about 30 times over, if not more, with your advice and input.  A creditor would have wiped out my bank account if you hadn’t of warned me of the potential pitfall.

– Tom / Fort Worth, TX

The BEST advice of our lives!!!

– Renee and Tony / Saginaw, TX

I was days away from filing bankruptcy, full of fear from my financial problems. After meeting with Financial Coaching For Life, I realized that there was a better way to deal with the issue. In less than 45 days, I have saved over $1,000 and PAID OFF my first debt. Financial Coaching For Life has the Heart of a Teacher and showed me how to achieve a lifestyle with a PROVEN PLAN that WORKS!

– Cathy Hamilton / Fort Worth, TX

Financial Coaching For Life is helping me learn how to manage my money.  I have a plan now, and I am learning how to budget. In the past, I lived from paycheck to paycheck with credit cards as my crutches.  I finally realized that I needed help and an education to learn how to manage my money differently.  I appreciate Financial Coaching For Life so much!  They have been so patient with me in teaching me how to view and use money properly. My Financial Coach praises me and encourages me often in making wise decisions with my money. My money no longer controls me. I am 60 years of age currently and I am EXCITED about the future. Thanks Financial Coaching For Life!

– Janett Cowan / Justin, TX

I just wanted to say thank you for meeting with me today and giving me hope that there is something I can do to get my life on track and change my family tree.  I appreciate your kind words and the hope you gave me. This morning I woke and asked God to bless me with something I would not imagine.  Your words and advice are the answer to my prayer.  Thank you for your ministry.

– Catherine Opanda / Arlington, TX

Financial Coaching For Life is helping us learn how to manage our money, but they are also doing much more. We as a young couple are learning how to live a certain life style (Debt-FREE Lifestyle). It is, we believe, a life style that God wants for us. The techniques we learn from Financial Coaching For Life will benefit us in many aspects of our lives and we will be able to pass these techniques on to our children.

– Melody and Leo Ditore / Weatherford, TX

For the first time in a long, long time I actually feel a FREEDOM with our money.

– Mimi Andrews / Plano, TX

I have paid off 3 of my credit cards and if everything continues, I will be debt free by the end of 2008! It has taken awhile but I am finally starting to understand making the budget work. I’m excited at where I am at!

– Leah / Fort Worth, TX

I had to tell you that after I called you, the guy I was talking to called back and said that the interest only loan would be what he recommended. I told him that I wasn’t interested in this and the reason we were in the mortgage fix we were in was because of interest only loans and sub-prime loans. He of course disagreed. He said, “if you had a financial advisor and you told him of this program what do you think he would tell you.” I told him I did have a financial adviser and he (Robbie Courtney) said to “RUN LIKE THE WIND!” The conversation ended shortly after. He did not have a fixed program for me. Just thought you would like to know.

– Steve / Fort Worth, TX

It was INCREDIBLE how you convinced Karen to cut up her credit cards. You can’t imagine how many arguments we’ve had in the past about her credit cards. This was a HUGE step for her and this shows she is committed to the cause. I enjoyed our session yesterday!  THANKS Financial Coaching For Life!

– Orlando Ramirez / Arlington, TX

You are clearly working in your calling. I can’t thank you enough for all your support, information, prayers, guidance and friendship.

– Julie Spann / Mansfield, TX

I believe us meeting you was a God appointment. I don’t believe in coincidence, only divine appointments. I believe that God brought you into our lives to show us how to get on track and really learn how to be better stewards of His money. Thank you for being obedient and using your gifts to help others. I felt like you truly have a heart for helping people in the area of finances. I also felt like I was in a room with a friend, not a stranger.

– Patrice Bullard / Burleson, TX

This program WORKS!!! It saved our financial future and has given me peace in my heart and soul. It gave us self-control and we actually have $5,000 in our savings for the first time in our 14 years of marriage!

– Wade and Leah / Fort Worth, TX


Financial Coaching For Life has helped us control our spending. This course has taken away the fear and anger of making ends meet. NO MORE Living “Paycheck to Paycheck!”

– David and Angela / Watauga, TX

Financial Coaching For Life has taught us how to walk in financial peace. This course helped us to regain hope in our financial situation, to have some inspiration and not feel so overwhelmed by debt.  Financial Coaching For Life ROCKS !!!

– Scott and Lisa / Haltom City, TX

Financial Coaching For Life is such a positive influence and we are one of your success stories. Although we had resources, we used debt when we did not need to. We no longer use charge cards for anything!! All our bills are paid off, including the car. We also have 3 months of income in savings (Emergency Fund). Take care and let us know how we can vouch for you to others who need your services.

– Linda and Shanon / Weatherford, TX

Thank you for serving us so well and the graciousness of your gifts. That was above and beyond. We enjoyed our time with you today and we look forward to putting our new plan into action. You are a blessing to us as I know you are to so many others. You are truly called to what you are doing. It is obvious that you enjoy your work. We thank you and look forward to our next visit together.

– Danny and LuAnn / Flower Mound, TX

The great influence helping us change our family tree….. Robbie has become a great friend of ours in a very short amount of time… the word coach for life defines his partnership. He is an incredible coach & Godly man with the desire to help others change their life as they know it. With his assistance and a lot of sweat equity we are turning our life into a prosperous and a more enjoyable journey where the daily turmoil of financial stress does not exist. Just about 30 days ago Russell and I were paying the minimums on our credit cards, running out of gas money, had no money in savings, and a ton of financial stress from living paycheck to pay check. And just in a short amount of time we have streamlined our finances and squashed the anxiety. Imagine that… Yes, it is true & it doesn’t matter how much debt or how little money you have… If you just start by seeking wise counsel as God’s word tells us to then barriers will begin to be lifted. We are now debt free except for our cars we have no credit cards, we have a well-funded emergency fund in the case of … Lauren backing her car into a dumpster last week…. or that expensive blood work…. And it is in a money market account with check writing privileges where you earn more interest than a traditional savings acct. we have a perfectly balanced primary cash flow budget that funds every single bill & expense (gas, grocery, dining, clothes, fun $) about month in advance. Some people don’t like to talk about money… whether it is the lack of our abundance. Usually it is because they are uncomfortable with where they are with their own money. The bible talks about money/debt more than many subjects because “the borrower is slave to the lender.” And God does not want us to live in bondage. So, we must seek wise counsel and plan for the moments in life where a child or spouse may become disabled or sick, or gas prices begin to out way our grocery expense. Money causes wars, famines, divorces, and wrecks lives all around us and for generations. We all need to think about where this world is headed economically and how we can change our family tree. Procrastination is the behavior of the poor so check out Financial Coaching For Life’s course &  see if you’ve got what it takes to be prosperous. God Bless, Lauren & Russell!

– Russell and Lauren Allen / Fort Worth, TX

“We were on a ‘financial rollercoaster’, having our ups and downs, but in the end, we were always right back where we started. I made good money, but we were living from payday to payday, getting nowhere. We never lived on a budget and to be honest, didn’t know how to start one. That’s when we met the Founder of Financial Coaching For Life, Robbie Courtney and things immediately started changing for us. Robbie showed us a plan that works and how to work the plan. With his expertise and a couple of appointments, Robbie had us on the road to ‘financial freedom’. He helped us create a personalized budget and showed us how to stick with it. That was about a year ago and what a joy it is to live now, knowing that we have money set aside in advance for every expense that comes along and for giving when we feel that we want to bless a missionary or Christian charity. Not to mention having almost 6 months of living expenses set aside in case of emergencies. With the exception of our home, we will be debt free in about 5 months. None of that would have been possible without Robbie’s expertise. Like I said, he showed us a plan that works and showed us how to work that plan……..and he can do the same for you. Thanks again Robbie!”

– John and Patricia / Justin , TX

With the changes Financial Coaching For Life recommended we officially have POSITIVE CASH FLOW not to mention we SLEEP Better than ever!!!!

– Stephen and Melissa / Carrollton, TX

We appreciate Financial Coaching For Life helping us get our finances in order. Thanks for being so GENEROUS!  Anyone who is considering working with Consumer Credit Counseling or Debt Management Companies should be WARNED…STAY AWAY from them!!!  Financial Coaching For Life is the Real Deal and the ONLY Financial Coaching anyone should consider!

– Michael and Lara / Fort Worth, TX

Robbie, Thank You so much for coming to Burleson to speak to our Rotary Club. You did an AMAZING Job! We need to get this kind of Financial Education that you spoke on in our schools. Best of luck and Thanks again for speaking TRUTH!

– Gregg Gamm / Burleson, TX

Robbie Courtney, Founder of Financial Coaching For Life spoke to our Rotary Club this morning; the membership in attendance was very pleased with what he had to say. It’s interesting that among our group are several millionaires and very successful people. I watched heads nod in agreement, as Robbie held their attention. The message of the sower (Robbie) is strong. It is exciting to consider the future of the seeds that were sown in our Rotary meeting this morning. Respectfully submitted,

– Dan C. Boutwell, AICP / Burleson, TX

Robbie is awesome! He truly has a passion for what he does. He has a heart for helping people get out of the clutches of debt and getting them on a road of hope and living a DEBT-FREE Lifestyle! Robbie’s not just a Financial Coach, he’s a Coach that TRANSFORMS his client’s lives. I have worked with Robbie and know his passions firsthand. If you want to change your life forever, call Robbie. He’s the BEST! 

– Stephanie Cross / Fort Worth, TX

We are following your plan and we just wanted to THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom. You are a true blessing and I am so grateful for your coming into Tim’s and my life. God Bless You!!!

– Gavian and Tim Hargis / Fort Worth, TX

I wanted to Thank You again for all your help with my finances. My financial turn around due to your help (and God’s) has begun to inspire some other individuals around me to get things in order. I point them to you of course. Thank you so much for your help! You have truly been a blessing to me and those around me. God Bless You!

– Joe Worley / Springtown, TX